Report a Member Web Site to Us

Important, please read this! This procedure is ONLY for complaints about [ia] member's web sites, or web sites that purport to be [ia] members. We do not process complaints about web sites that have no connection with [ia]

Registered members pledge to abide by the [ia] Code-of-Conduct and honor the terms of the legal Agreement.
Should a visitor to a member's site think that the site is not upholding our Code-of-Conduct then we urge that person to report the web site to us and we will investigate the issue, and if there's a breach we will require that member to rectify it, or face loss of the privilege to use the [ia] trust seal.

In cases where a person has conducted some e-commerce business via a member's site, and that person feels aggrieved over some aspect of the transaction, and the nature of the dissatisfaction is alleged to relate to a breach of the [ia] Code-of-Conduct, then that person can lodge with us details of the issues they have, however, we will first require indication that due process has been observed and that the person has first taken all reasonable steps to resolve the matter with the supplier.


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