Frequently Asked Questions

  Can non-US web sites get the [ia] trust seal?

Yes. However any site with its main content pages in a language other than English can only become [IA]certified members and use the [IA] certified seal if:
a) they have principal site pages also translated into English, and;
b) nominate a site contact able to communicate in English should we need to get in touch.

  How much does the seal cost?

Annual registration fees are listed here: trust seal fees
You must remove our seal from your site if you are not a current subscriber.

  Can we pay by PayPal?

Via our payments processor, Kagi, - PayPal payments are accepted in United States Dollars (USD) from 'Verified' PayPal accounts.

  Where on our web site do we put the seal?

We leave that up to you to decide, however we think it is in your interests to have the trust seal prominently displayed, and probably on your main Home page - you can place it on as many pages of your site as you wish - the same code snippet we supply you is used no matter which page or pages you wish the seal to go on.
We also suggest that it be placed on any e-commerce page where potential buyers are to make a 'Buy' decision!

  How do we actually put the seal on our web site?

When you successfully register, and pay the annual fee, we will e-mail you the HTML code 'snippet' that is unique for your site.
Just give this code 'snippet' to your web master and indicate to him where on the site page (or pages) you want it placed and your web master will be able to do that - the code 'snippet' must be between the <body>   </body> tags in order for the seal to display. And remember, it is a condition of our Terms and Copyright that the code 'snippet' is not altered in any way.

  Can I order my seal in a specific color?

Yes, we can supply the seal for your site in any color you specify.
Send us details of the specific color, or ask us to match some specific color on your web site, or any other web site.

  Can we pay for more than one year?

Yes - when you get to the actual purchase page, there is a field for you to enter the number of years subscription you want - just enter '1' for a single year, or the number of years you wish to pay for. A 10% discount rebate will apply for a multi-year purchase - you initially pay the full amount, and notice of the rebate to your credit card will be sent to you following the purchase transaction.

  What is the process if we want to lodge a complaint?

Registered members pledge to abide by the [ia] Code-of-Conduct and honor the terms of the legal Agreement.
Should a visitor to a member's site think that the site is not upholding our Code-of-Conduct then we urge that person to report the web site to us and we will investigate the issue, and if there's a breach we will require that member to rectify it, or face loss of the privilege to use the [ia] trust seal.

In cases where a person has conducted some e-commerce business via a member's site, and that person feels aggrieved over some aspect of the transaction, and the nature of the dissatisfaction is alleged to relate to a breach of the [ia] Code-of-Conduct, then that person can lodge with us details of the issues they have, however, we will first require indication that due process has been observed and that the person has first taken all reasonable steps to resolve the matter with the supplier.

Should anyone wish to initiate a report to us about a member, then the process is commenced by using the 'Report a Site to Us' menu button.