Site Compliance Code of Conduct – Minimum Requirements

1. Privacy Policy - Statement
Your site home page (at least) will have a link to a page that details your privacy policy.

2. Privacy Policy – Behavior
Your organization, including all of its employees and agents, will ensure that it acts in accordance with the Privacy Policy published on the site.

3. No 'Adult' Content
We do not issue our Seal to sites we consider to have 'Adult' content - this includes, but is not limited to: sites with nudity, gambling, or direct link access to other inappropriate sites.

4. No Improper Advertising Strategies
Members will not engage in any improper or illegal advertising that involves 'spamming' others by use of unsolicited e-mail messages, or other spamming medium or methodology.

5. No Inappropriate Web Site Design
The site will not employ any design configuration that interferes with a users normal browser operation. Examples of unacceptable practice include, but are not limited to; a) ‘trapdoor’ type designs that prevent a user ‘backing out’ of the site in a normal manner; b) designs which trigger the opening of multiple other sites without user initiation or control.

And if the Site offers anything for sale…..

6. Unambiguous Pricing

If prices are shown they must be clear and unambiguous, and include all details of any shipping charges, any applicable taxes, etc.

7. Refund Policy

The organization’s Refund Policy must be easy to locate, and easy to understand. If for some reason refunds for returned goods are not offered, then the policy must state this – and why, e.g. for a software product, a reasonable 30 day trial period is offered instead.

8. Order Acknowledgment& Product Delivery

Every purchaser must receive timely (within 48 hrs) notification, preferably by e-mail, of an order being received, and the e-mail should contain order fulfillment details i.e. when delivery can be expected, how delivery will be made, contact details in the event of a problem, etc.

If any ordered item is out-of-stock, then the purchaser must be notified within 48 hours with options that shall include no-penalty order cancellation.

And if the Site offers On-Line Credit Card Transactions…..

9. Secure Credit Card Acceptance (SSL or equivalent)

If your site takes credit card details on-line then secure encryption must be employed e.g. SSL (or equivalent secure transaction system).

It is also preferable that alternative methods of purchase (other than on-line use of a credit card) are made available e.g. posting in a check or credit card details with a printed order, faxing credit card details with a printed order.


Our goals - they are clear and simple.

We want to provide an easy and cost effective way for responsible web site owners to be able to show that they abide by a recognized set of principles for internet usage - that they are good NetCitizens.

We want to encourage responsible and accountable Internet usage.

We want to encourage freedom of expression, but discourage harmful actions.

  The Protection of Children from Inappropriate Content

The Internet has facilitated the dissemination of information in a manner we have never experienced before. Whilst this has mostly been good for mankind, and has reinforced freedom from domination and censorship, the darker side is that more and more children are being inadvertently exposed to inappropriate material.
We therefore support all policies, programs, and software tools which can assist with controlling the content minors might see.

  The Protection of Individual Privacy

The conduct of business on the Internet often necessitates the collection of Personally Identifiable Information, but it is important to protect and respect the rights of those from whom the data is being collected.
Therefore, where applicable, we support all web site owners establishing and publishing their policy on protection of privacy.

  The Protection of Consumer Rights

Every reasonable attempt will be taken to ensure on-line commerce and transactions initiated via the Internet, protect consumer rights to at least the extent expected with normal non-Internet business.

  Security of On-line Transactions

Web site owners will strive to implement a commercially reasonable level of security for all on-line financial transactions and the site will clearly indicate the level of such security.

  Promotion of Ethical Advertising and Use of the Web

Both the web site itself and any associated marketing techniques will be ethical and lawful.