How Embracing our Charter & Displaying our Seal will Benefit Your Organization


  You get to achieve instant credibility for your web site.

Increasingly our certification seal and program are becoming recognized on the internet as symbols which easily identify individuals and organizations that understand the importance of being a good 'Net-citizen' and want to conduct their business in accordance with our Charter.
Our certification seal is an excellent method of providing visitors to your site and potential customers with the message you wish to convey about your standards and principles.

  You maximize your marketing efforts.

You may well have superior products and services to offer the World, and have spent considerable money on advertising and your web-presence, but as we all know, consumers have an enormous range to choose from in most product and service areas today. Adopting our Charter as your Code of Conduct, and proudly displaying our seal as testament to that fact, is probably the most cost effective marketing edge you could get.

  You give assurance to potential clients.

Probably never before has there been so much consumer awareness about fraudulent and other improper practice as there is today - and the vast majority of consumers are aware of the stories of credit card fraud and other inappropriate business activity on the Internet. There is no doubt that potential clients need that little bit of extra assurance when it comes to doing business with an organization they have encountered on the Internet

  You proudly pledge a commitment to your principles......and much more

When you adopt our Charter as your own; when you enhance your Code of Conduct to embrace these principles; you can truly be proud of the way your organization conducts its business.
By then displaying our certification seal, you have given a pledge to your clients and all visitors to your web site that you will deal with them in a responsible and fair manner and be fully accountable.